Tere Sheher Mein 9th November 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 9th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tere Sheher Mein 9th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya asking Rama to live in peace and leaving from the room. Rama says sorry, you would go to Mantu by my rude behavior. They cry. Rama says I can’t fall weak. Amaya packs her bag at midnight. He sees Rama and cries. She takes elder’s blessings. Sumitra sees her leaving and thinks where is she going at this time. Rama sees Amaya leaving. Amaya says she is leaving from his life forever, this is what he wanted, now he does not need to hold himself guilty for anything. She says forgive me, you are free from my side, and wishes in heart that Rama stops her.

Rama says Amaya, I just wish you a new life and future with Mantu, you be happy, I will pray you get Mantu soon. Sumitra taunts Amaya, that she will do aarti seeing Amaya leave. Amaya cries and leaves. Rahul tells Tilak that they have to leave this city soon. He asks Tilak why did he not do packing. Tilak says I m not going anywhere, Rana and Tyagi are in police custody, I can’t let them be in jail, they will be free soon, that family ruined my mission, they have to pay a price. Rahul asks what did you think. Tilak says my both revenge will be fulfilled, family from Amaya and revenge from Banaras, tell me, are you with me

Gupta talks on phone and says I will inform them. He tells Rama that I told officer that Amaya will not accept honor till the gang is caught, officer got happy. He asks where is Amaya. Rama says she went out of city. Gupta asks him to say truth. Rama asks him to rest. Gupta asks did she leave this house, did you let her go, I knew about divorce, Jaz and I tried to stop the divorce, we planned this fake divorce drama, Amaya wanted to be with you.

Rama says Amaya was helpless to be with me. Gupta says you did biggest mistake of your life. Rama goes. Gupta worries for Amaya. Amaya says I will get Mantu here from Allahabad and clear Rama’s misunderstandings.

Tilak and Rahul enter the house as thieves with black masks. Gupta is at Chobey Nivaas and says Rama told me Amaya has gone. Rachita asks why did Jaz not tell her before. Jaz says I will check railway and bus station. Tilak and Rahul catch Sumita, Kangana, Bua, Gupta, Rachita and Jaz at gunpoint. Rama comes there and catches one of them. They beat Rama and aim gun at him. Sumitra begs them to leave her son.

Tilak says my mission failed because of your family, all of you come out. Tilak announces that he has held this family hostage and wants their gang members to be freed by police. He ties everyone by ropes. He blindfolds everyone and asks about Amaya. Rahul says she has got that note, and she alerted the police, where is that girl. Rama scolds Rahul and says its good she has gone from here. Tilak beats Rama. Sumitra asks them to leave her son. Rama asks them did they get tired of beating, if they touch Amaya, he will kill them. Tilak aims gun. Rahul stops Tilak. Sumitra begs them for Rama’s life. Tilak holds Rama and tells police and media about his demands. He says he will kill Gupta family members one by one. He thinks Amaya will see Raman and come to him, this is his plan.

Amaya gets shocked seeing the news of goons catching Gupta family

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    Adventurous episode. Pls don’t end the show

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