Tere Sheher Mein 5th November 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 5th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tere Sheher Mein 5th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama doing light makeup to Amaya. He says she does not need any makeup, as she is beautiful within. He praises her. The man announces Rama and Amaya as the winning Jodi. They get the trophy. Gupta smiles seeing them. The man congratulates them, and says I think you both love each other a lot. Rama says I will leave now Amaya. Gupta stops Rama and says stay for sometime.

Rama says he got urgent call from shop. Amaya tells the men that Rama got urgent work, so he went, but she is here on his behalf. The man praises her to support her husband, and asks about her marriage. She says it happened recently. The man says even then great coordination, how did you both find each other being blindfolded, other jodis could not win. She says our heart eyes see whom we love, so we both have found each other. They clap for Amaya.

Rama thinks if Amaya loves Mantu, why these feelings towards me. He recalls Amaya and cries. He says no, I can’t keep her love in my heart. Amaya is doing this for my dad and family, I m not suitable for you, I have to free her, divorce will happen in few days, she will be with Mantu. Amaya gives car keys to JAz and takes the trophy and gifts. She asks Jaz to get Gupta inside. Gupta says I will come, you go.

Amaya goes inside home and smiles recalling the competition moments. Jaz says I think our plan will work. Gupta says yes, I think Rama is much affected, they spoke their heart out. Rama comes home. Jaz says I was going, Amaya went inside home. Rama says I have to talk to Amaya, I will take dad. Jaz says I will bring uncle. He goes.

Amaya smiles holding the trophy. Rama brings some papers. He says he has to say something. She thinks maybe Rama changed his decision about divorce. She asks him to say. He says divorce hearing got prepone, its tomorrow. She tries to give reasoning to change his decision. He stays adamant. She asks about Gupta’s care.

Rama says I will explain him, next date will be after 2 months if we miss to go tomorrow, I don’t want to keep you in this relation for one day, I will tell dad that you are with Sneha in Mumbai, I will tell the truth once he gets fine, you will be free from this marriage, and will have happiness in your life. She cries. Tere liye toofan haske sehlungi………………plays…………….. Rama goes out and cries.

Amaya asks Gupta is he happy now seeing her and Rama win competition. He blesses them and asks them to go and rest. Amaya says we are fine. Rama says we will be here with you. Gupta asks Rama what does he want to tell Amaya. Rama says nothing, I had to say that I won competition because of Amaya, I had to say thanks. Gupta laughs and asks her to thank Amaya. They leave. Gupta thinks things are getting fine between them.

Amaya asks Rama not to go out, if Gupta sees him sleeping outside, he will be worried, its matter of one night. Rama sleeps on the ground. They recall their moments and silently cry. Rama tells Sumitra and Bua about divorce hearing today. He says tell dad that we went to temple to pray for him. He goes. Sumitra and Bua get glad and see Amaya praying. Sumitra taunts Amaya as she will cook for the feast today. Amaya gets sad. Bua asks did this girl go mad, having sindoor and mangalsutra, she is getting divorced in some time. Amaya says papers can’t remove love for Rama from my heart, he will always be my husband and I will be his wife by my heart. Sumitra says fine, but get away from our family, go, Rama is waiting. Amaya prays that she loves Rama and does not want divorce, do something that divorce does not happen.

Tilak keeps bomb in university. Rahul says Tilak made the mission risky and argues.

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