Tere Sheher Mein 2nd November 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 2nd November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tere Sheher Mein 2nd November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tilak saying he has to make this professor leave university so that Rahul gets a place. The police gets drugs in guest lecturer’s bags. The man denies it. The police catches him and Rachita scolds him. The principal comes and suspends him. Rahul says this is bad, university is to teach kids. The principal says I have to arrange guest lecturer in short time, don’t know how. Rahul says I can still become guest lecturer, I want to help students. The principal asks him to come and do paper work being thankful. Rahul signs Tilak and goes.

Tilak comes to Rama and asks him where is he going. Rama says I left home after giving divorce notice to Amaya, I feel hurt by being bad towards Amaya, divorce hearing is in 4 days. Tilak asks what, don’t hurry, did you think well. Rama says yes, I have to find Mantu, don’t know where is he. Tilak says Amaya will respect you more by this decision, I will leave. Rama asks him to have tea. Tilak says I m in hurry and goes.

Amaya asks Atom to tell her where is Mantu, its urgent. Atom says I don’t know. Amaya asks him to call Mantu. She thinks once she gets Mantu, she will make Mantu meet Rama and clear his confusion. Atom says Mantu’s phone is switched off. She asks him to inform her whatever he gets to know. Atom says fine and goes. Tilak comes there on bike and asks whats going on between him and Rama, Rama was talking strange, he is her friend and she can ask him anything. She says thanks, but no need, I can take my decisions.

He says maybe you are thinking this is wrong, but maybe its all right, you can get your true love after giving divorce to Rama. She goes. Tilak says he will make Amaya his. Rama comes there on bike and asks what is he doing here. Tilak says I came to meet my friend Rahul, and you? Rama says I came to tell my family about divorce and goes. Tilak says it will be fun, I have to go and see this drama.

Rama sees Amaya. They hear Gupta screaming and rush to him. They see Gupta fallen on ground and make him lie on the bed. Sumitra and Bua come and get worried. The doctor checks Gupta, and says he had minor attack, he should not be given any stress. Gupta says no, you all go, leave me alone, its all because of Sumitra. The doctor asks Sumitra to be away from Gupta. Bua says I will take care of Gupta. Gupta says I just want Rama and Amaya, no one else.

Sumitra cries and leaves. Gupta says Rama and Amaya faced all problems together, you both will take care of me. Rama and Amaya agree. The doctor asks them to take care of Gupta, and not give him stress. Gupta asks for water. Amaya goes to get water. Sumitra says I know Rama and you want to give divorce to each other, I request you not to let Gupta know this, as tension is not good for him. Rama comes and Sumitra tells the same to him.

She asks them to be united. Gupta calls Jaz and says our plan succeeded. Jaz thanks him and says I m sure Rama and Amaya will come close if they take care of you together. He asks how did she know this. Jaz says I have seen Amaya and Rama on ghat yesterday and FB shows that scene. She says Amaya and Rama were crying being away, its all because of old misunderstanding, but now we will clear it, so that this divorce matter ends.

Sumitra requests Rama again. Gupta says don’t worry, I will see Amaya and Rama realizing their happiness being together. Jaz thanks him, I know what to do now. Gupta says I think they have come and ends call.

Amaya and Rama take care of Gupta. Gupta blesses them and says promise me you both will together take care of me, then I will get fine soon. Amaya promises. Gupta says I will rest now. Rama asks Amaya why did she promise. She says Gupta is ill. He says he will take care of him and asks her to go. She says Gupta is my father in law too, you go to your old home if you want. Gupta asks what are they talking. Rama lies to him. Gupta says we will see old home renovation later, first let me get fine.

Tilak meets Rahul. Rahul shows the map. Tilak is angry by Gupta’s heart attack at wrong time, now Amaya and Rama will unite again. Rahul asks him is he listening, why is he lost, is there anything between him and Amaya, but that Amaya…. Tilak holds his neck and pushes him, asking him not to dare to take Amaya’s name, his mission is first and he will say about blasts, they need staffroom keys, now your work starts, go and get keys from Rachita. Rahul says fine and leaves.

Gupta sees Amaya and Rama busy on phones. Rama and Amaya say about khichdi for him. Gupta says your choices are same. Amaya and Rama say they were seeing good things for him. She goes to make khichdi. Rama asks him to try yoga. Amaya gets khichdi and says its good for your heart. Rama makes Gupta have it. Gupta says its less spicy, give me pickle. He then eats it and says you both take care of me, not of each other, make each other have food, I will be happy seeing it.

Rama makes Amaya have khichdi. Gupta asks Amaya to make Rama have food. Amaya makes Rama have food. Gupta gets glad. Amaya thinks her love is just for Rama.

The pandit tells about last phase of puja, husband lifts wife and walks around this pool. Rama lifts Amaya and walks. He gets hurt by glass pieces and screams. Tilak looks on.

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