Tere Sheher Mein 12th November 2015 Written Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 12th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Tere Sheher Mein 12th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rama freeing Kangana. He asks Kangana to free everyone and rushes to save Amaya. He beats Tilak and they have a fight. Amaya cries. Rama asks how dare he make his wife do all this, she is his love and life. Amaya looks on. She asks about family. Raman says I got them freed. Kangana asks everyone to go out. Rahul wakes up and says Rama… he has gone, where is my gun. The family comes out. Rama says I think everyone ran out, and rushes out with Amaya. Rahul shoots him, and takes him and Amaya back.

Rahul ties both of them to chairs,Rama says I m fine, bullet just touched my leg. Amaya cries and says what would I do if anything happened to you, I m mad in your love, I love you a lot. I want to spend life with you, not Mantu. I went to find Mantu, because I knew Mantu will clear our misunderstandings, I ended everything when I took seven rounds of marriage with you. She asks him to accept her as wife. Rama promises her she will always be his wife, even after death. She says even if she dies now, she won’t have any sorrow.

Rahul wakes up Tilak and tells about Rama and his family going out, he stopped Rama and Amaya came back. Tilak says his gun fell in water. Rahul says it got damaged, I don’t think govt will leave our gang for these two. Pushpa cries for Amaya. Rachita pacifies her. Bua says let Amaya die. Sumitra slaps Bua, and asks how dare you say this for Amaya, she did a lot for us, she was ready to give her life for me. She cries. She says Amaya is my bahu, if anyone does anything against her, I will not leave.

Gupta gets glad and says you made me proud today, just pray for Amaya. Rama and Amaya see Kangana, as Tilak gets her to them and ties her. Rama asks Kangana how did she come here. Kangana says she came to see Rama and Amaya, and fell down in storeroom. Tilak gets her and says we have one more person with us now.

Amaya asks Kangana not to worry, they will be safe. Tilak asks police when are they freeing their members. The inspector says they are on the way. Tilak says fine, arrange a car for us. He tells Rahul we will leave when our members come. Tilak tells them that Rahul said about promises of love exchanged here, you were talking about Mantu, this happened because of him, he has troubled me and my gang a lot. Amaya and Rama ask where is Mantu. Tilak says very bad news, Mantu is not in this world now. They get shocked.

Tilak says Mantu was ruining our plan in Allahabad, and we caught him. Mantu was clever and run away, he posted a letter to Amaya and then he died coming under a truck. Amaya cries. Tilak says he had just one name while he is dying, Amaya….. He says don’t cry Amaya, very soon you three will go to Mantu, when my gang members come here, you three will die. Rahul comes and asks him to come. Tilak beats Rama and goes.

He says big problem, the man who was arranging a place to hide us, has disappeared, drama is getting high. Tilak says nothing will happen to us. Rahul asks how will we face them, your gun is damaged, I have less bullets, lets surrender. Tilak says trust me, I will find a way. The inspector asks them to take their members. Tilak takes Rahul’s gun and asks Rahul to use the damaged gun, they won’t know. He gets the members with them and hears inspector saying his plan to catch them.

Tilak says I should run, let them take my name, I m ready to face everything, I will not die, but kill. He says I have to be safe and go alone. Rahul asks Rama who will die first. Tilak says now this game will have the end. Tilak shoots at his members, and kills then. He frees Kangana, Amaya and Rama and says you all are safe, nothing will happen to you, I will get police. He goes out and stops police. Rachita says how did Tilak get inside. Tilak says my name is Tilak, I have shot down the goons, you please go inside. The police gets inside. Amaya, Kangana and Rama come out. Amaya hugs her family and cries. Kangana asks Tilak how did he do this. Tilak says he was following news, he followed the gang leader and had fight with him, he got his gun and shot the leader. He gives the gun to inspector. The inspector says you did brave work, thanks. Sumitra thanks him and says you came as our Lord. Sumitra and Bua bend to touch his feet. Tilak thinks he became hero from villain, see what this hero does now.

Amaya says Rama has bear a lot. Rama says I can even die for you. She stops him from saying so.

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  1. nethu
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    poor mantu..he loved amaya till his last breath..but that amaya…..she betrayed him..

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