Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th April 2018 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th April 2018 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thakur saying we have to place Shivlings in temple again, we will have to guard the temple, are we all ready. The people say yes, we are ready. Thakur says Shivlings have come back to us, its a blessing. Indra talks to someone and says its our last chance, we have to get Shivlings tonight, no one has a doubt that you are with me. Namrata hides and looks on. Thakur says we all will be around this Shivlings, our temple customs won’t change, temple door will get shut, temple doors will open after sunrise, Kaal Bhairav will protect the Shivlings. Namrata runs upstairs. Rahul says I knew this, these blind believers will do this, we have a night’ time to hand over shivlings to police.

Lakhan says explain Thakur, we can’t take risk. Gauri says I agree, Lord will

be there to protect the shivlings, that incidents were written in fate, tell me, did Indra’s broken phone get fixed. He says I will go and check. The man announces that temple door is getting shut. Thakur prays and leaves. The door gets shut. He asks the men to guard the temple, no one should enter there. Rahul says we will reach the temple by the cave route. Lakhan gets the phone and checks Indra’s black deeds. He gets shocked. Latika says I m scared, we shall go back. Rahul says I m scared that many people will die if Shivlings are here in temple. Lakhan shows Indra’s phone to Gauri. She gets shocked. She says Rahul, it means….
Rahul says many people lost lives because of these stones. Latika says no, its not just stones, shivlings rotated in air and then gathered on ground. Rudra says maybe it was some chemical element that binds them together. Preeti gets shocked seeing Indra and Latika’s pics. She says it means they were together since the start. Lakhan says yes, Latika is Indra’s lover, she used to inform Indra, I will not leave her, Rahul is with her, his life is in danger, where are they. Gauri says did they go inside temple to get temple. They rush. Rahul says come Latika, we will take shivlings to their right place. Latika says no and stabs him. He gets shocked. Indra comes there. He says she is your real Bhabhi. He hugs Latika. He says Rahul, you were never smart like me, Swami told me about Shivlings, I have made Latika befriend Namrata, I saw you and Gauri reaching Shivlings before, so I made her befriend you.

Rahul says you have become a devil, I regret you are my brother. Indra says this is Kalyug, I m its Lord. He asks Latika to finish this work, if I kill him, people will say a brother killed his brother. Latika smiles. Gauri says let us go inside, Rahul and Shivlings are in danger. The man says we have no keys. Lakhan says we will break the lock. Latika stabs Rahul again. Indra takes the Shivlings in hand. Namrata shouts Latika and runs with trishul. She stabs Latika. She shouts you stabbed my Rahul, I will not leave you alive. Indra runs to Latika. He pushes Namrata. He says I will make you alive again with my powers. He stabs Namrata with a knife. He says you stabbed Latika…… Namrata falls beside Rahul and holds his hand. She says forgive me. She dies. Thakur comes. Gauri says we have to get Rahul out.

Thakur says I know you love Rahul, maybe Rahul, Indra and Latika are inside, Lord Kaal Bhairav will handle this, don’t you trust him, Kaal Bhairav and his Siddhigan protect it, we can just pray to him. Indra hears them chanting Kaal Bhairav’s name. He says these fools thinks Kaal Bhairav will come and save Shivling from me, I m the Lord. He shoots the temple door lock. He opens the door. They all get shocked. Indra says everyone leave from here, else, I will kill everyone, you all will know I have sent Latika, she had fixed bombs in your houses and even here, I have the remote, everyone will be killed. He shows a sample by blowing one house.

They get shocked. Thakur asks him to be scared of Lord, he can’t even touch Shivlings. Indra asks who will stop us. Thakur says our Lord will stop us. They chant Kaal Bhairav name. Indra shoots. Indra says there is no way, I m the Lord. Rudra hits a stick at him. Indra turns and sees him. They all get shocked.

Lakhan says ghost…. Indra says I have killed you, how did you get alive. Rudra asks didn’t you identify me, fool…. Indra says no one will come after me, I will kill everyone. Indra says you are hypnotizing me. Rudra takes the remote from him and breaks it. Indra points the gun at him and asks who are you. Rudra says devil, I think I have to show my avatar by which you all know me. He disappears.

Rudra takes Kaal Bhairav’s fire avatar. Everyone gets shocked and folds hands. Indra says I m the Lord of this Kalyug, I will prove this today. He aims gun at Kaal Bhairav and gets beheaded. Everyone gets shocked. They all pray. Rudra disappears. Everyone looks around. They see Rudra and Shambu with Shivlings. Everyone smiles. Rudra and Shambu lift the doli of Shivlings and leave. Rahul says Kaal Bhairav, it means…. Lord is really here, Lord exists, he was with us since all these days. Rudra and Shambu worship the Shivlings. Rudra disappears, while Shambu takes the protector dog’s Shuvaan avatar.

The show ends.

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